The Akros Approach


We drill down to the basics. What do you actually need? What are the tools you need to get you there without unnecessary bells and whistles?


Knowing the intricacies of where you work is paramount. We involve local leadership and keep everyone involved with feedback loops.


Not only do we design the right surveillance system for your needs, we walk along side you as the system is built and implemented.


Many surveillance systems are designed to be used for one project for a specified period of time. So that’s how they’re designed. We don’t like that. Our systems are designed to be something that can be passed along to be used well into the future.


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Latest News

“No One is Safe, Unless Everyone is Safe”—Reaching Zero-Dose Children with Reveal

Maximal coverage defines the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns. Over one year after the start of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the globe are vaccinating those ages 16 and older, while vaccine-producing companies are conducting vaccine trials for children. Positivity and hope infuse vaccine distribution efforts, but as these initiatives ensue, attention is being drawn […]

Grand Challenges Explorations Grant Enables Further Reveal Development

We are thrilled to announce Akros has been awarded a Grand Challenges Explorations Grant, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) grants support impactful innovations striving to remedy critical global health and development problems. With this grant, Akros will incorporate into Reveal the ability to integrate data from human […]

Anticipating Continued COVID-19 Needs: Lessons from Yesterday

At the time of writing, 33.7 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide. Regardless of socioeconomic standing, health systems around the world have shuddered beneath the weight of an international pandemic; leading to overflowing ICUs, overextended health care resources, and disrupted critical supply chains.  Accordingly, international attention and funding has turned to global public […]

Reveal and GRID3 Bring Geospatial Data to the Ground for Malaria Prevention

Zambia, along with a handful of countries within Southern and Eastern Africa, is on track to reduce malaria cases 40% by 2020. Relative to 2015, the country’s progress so far translates to as many as 700,000 cases prevented annually. Such tremendous strides speak to the success of preventative interventions, such as improved access to indoor […]

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