The Akros Approach


We drill down to the basics. What do you actually need? What are the tools you need to get you there without unnecessary bells and whistles?


Knowing the intricacies of where you work is paramount. We involve local leadership and keep everyone involved with feedback loops.


Not only do we design the right surveillance system for your needs, we walk along side you as the system is built and implemented.


Many surveillance systems are designed to be used for one project for a specified period of time. So that’s how they’re designed. We don’t like that. Our systems are designed to be something that can be passed along to be used well into the future.


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Latest News

Malaria control and elimination from every angle: Mapping and applying larval source management with Reveal

Malaria is prevented through use of many tools, one being the management of larval breeding areas, also known as “larval source management” (LSM). The objective of LSM is to reduce the number of mosquito larvae and pupae so as to reduce the potential for malaria transmission. Today, there is renewed interest in LSM, especially in […]

Luanshya District pushes towards malaria elimination through application of geospatial technologies to guide and deliver malaria interventions

Malaria elimination requires consistent high coverage of effective malaria prevention and treatment interventions—and high coverage is challenging to achieve particularly in developing countries where highly urban or highly rural areas may not have address systems, limited maps, and challenging access due to rains, poor infrastructure, flooding, or severe events or conflict.  In order for insecticides, […]

Last mile first—the power of geospatial is now in the hands of field teams

Akros is pleased to announce its successful partnership with Digital Square at PATH in promoting the shelf-readiness of Reveal. Over the last 12 months, efforts have been made to ensure Reveal is scale-ready through delivery of three separate workpackages. First, Reveal is now available for download on the Google Play store—this allows quick over-the-air updates, […]

eCHIS and Reveal set to integrate to geo-enable integrated health campaigns in Kenya

Akros, with support from the END Fund through the Deworming Innovation Fund, worked with the Division of Vector Borne and Neglected Tropical Diseases (DVB NTD) of Kenya’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to improve the quality of neglected tropical diseases (NTD) microplanning in routine deworming programs. During this project, Akros applied several tools to the microplanning […]

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