Regional Team

These are exciting times at Akros. As an organization, we have grown rapidly, matured well and are proud of how we are filling a niche of improving data capture and use in developing countries. We started in health: working with host countries to build and improve existing surveillance systems to better detect and respond to health events – Malaria was the first focus. Our work to engage community health workers at the most local level to test and treat malaria patients, all the while working towards malaria elimination has been truly rewarding. Systems that we built with ministries of health have stood the test of time and continue to function as primary community-based surveillance systems. As we implemented, our approach of working closely with governments, understanding their needs, identifying local champions and change agents – we have found that these fundamental tenets don’t just benefit malaria (we have now branched into other areas within the health sector – water and sanitation, integrated community case management for example) but also education, agriculture and economics.

Watching these systems develop in collaboration with government partners has been rewarding – but even more exciting has been seeing us “get out of the way”: Transition of oversight, funding, and maintenance to government partners has been our goal and we have had the opportunity to watch this happen.


We have also seen growth in our geography – Akros’ Zambia country team has had a primary focus towards work within Zambia. With the success of programs, the growth and maturity of our team, we have now realized tremendous geographical expansion. We currently conduct programming in 82 districts across Zambia, representing 26,000 communities. We have expanded to provide support in 11 countries led by our new regional team of informatics, epidemiological, and development experts. This team provides support to the Zambia office, but is now taking our approach to other countries.

We are privileged to work with so many great partners that align with our mission to “establish data-driven systems that improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged communities.” In the world of data, epidemiology and surveillance, it is often easy to get swept up in the numbers and forget that this work truly changes real people’s lives. This is the thrilling part for all of us at Akros – the lives improved and the communities realizing better quality of life, health and wellness.

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