Akros in Malaria

Community Surveillance

Akros designed, deployed and scaled an innovative, community-level surveillance platform to assist Zambia in achieving malaria elimination. Close to 1,000 Community Health Workers now send weekly malaria reports through DHIS2 mobile phones.

Entomological Surveillance

Akros helped the Zambian government design and scale a groundbreaking, low-cost, decentralized routine entomological surveillance system. Now empowered with timely, spatial data on vectors, Zambia can better target its malaria interventions.

IRS / mSpray™/Reveal

Indoor Residual Spraying is one of the best tools we have to fight malaria. But unless we can accurately track where the spraying is actually occurring and then compare those data to case management or vector data, how can we know if our efforts are reaping benefits? Akros has developed the Reveal tool (formerly known as mSpray) to solve that very problem.

Malaria Elimination

We believe that malaria elimination is possible in a country like Zambia. It’s going to take a few things: Knowing exactly where the malaria is, applying your interventions in the right places and in the right capacities, and investing in the capacity building and technical assistance for the national malaria programs.