Last mile first—the power of geospatial is now in the hands of field teams

Last mile first—the power of geospatial is now in the hands of field teams

By Akros Media on June 4, 2023 in GIS, News

Akros is pleased to announce its successful partnership with Digital Square at PATH in promoting the shelf-readiness of Reveal. Over the last 12 months, efforts have been made to ensure Reveal is scale-ready through delivery of three separate workpackages. First, Reveal is now available for download on the Google Play store—this allows quick over-the-air updates, as well as provides opportunity for new users to install Reveal onto their own mobile devices to prepare for campaign delivery. 

Second, a number of new resources are available for end-users of the platform, particularly training videos on the microplanning module in Reveal, as well as the mobile client and web dashboards. Also, written end-user documentation is available to all—these can be readily accessed through Reveal community resources. And finally, a screencast which shares the benefits of Reveal, and walks interested viewers through the end-to-end platform, where country and local managers develop microplans and then use mobile technology to ensure field teams are not “operating in the dark” but rather understand where they are in relation to all houses and villages requiring each intervention.

Reveal is an open-source digital global good. Equipping the platform for efficient scalability allows countries to benefit from the technology and quickly put the power of geospatial into the hands of field teams and their managers as they plan and deploy health campaigns. Given the open source nature of Reveal, it is available for country teams to utilize, contributing to all while growing the community around the platform.

Reveal has been applied to a number of health interventions with impressive results—including malaria and neglected tropical disease campaigns—and can be adapted  to support other campaigns and health service areas. The impact and return on investment figures associated with the use of Reveal to enhance campaign equity and effectiveness have been remarkable—and especially relevant given the urgent need to ensure health services are available to all, especially those “at the last mile.”

Reveal 3.0 Video