Program Management

Boots on the ground

It is difficult to find good solutions if you’re far away from the problem. Nearly all Akros technicians live right smack in the middle of our target operating environments. Facing firsthand the daily rigors of public health in developing regions, our team knows very well the technical, political and logistical factors affecting operations.

Akros offers on-the-ground program support

An EHT uses a GPS unit to log the location of his mosquito larvae collection site

Our Solution

Our extensive experience in program management includes:

  • Data collection support

    Long-term, routine surveillance as well as one-off cross sectional surveys. We know how to recruit and train teams, build capacity, manage ethics and political approvals, and deliver results.

  • Intervention management

    Our team has a long record of protocol and policy development with government stakeholders across multiple agencies in sub-Saharan Africa, merging reliable information with strategy formulation, targeting of intervention deployments and operational management to ensure application within targeting parameters.

  • Scoping and strategy

    Akros technicians are experts in epidemiological conditions on the ground, and the types of intervention or programmatic responses that are best suited for remedy. We assist governments, NGOs and donors to make good decisions about where and how to allocate resources.

EHTs head towards a village for IRS work


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