Akros in Info. Systems



Health Management Information Systems must do a few things really well. They must be good at data collection, transmission, aggregation, and analysis. Akros designs systems with these factors in mind as well as ensuring that they are usable on a large scale within the host country’s technical capacity.



Akros is working with Zambia’s Ministry of General Education and UNICEF to establish the country’s first mobile-to-web data collection platform to monitor routine school indicators. With a timely and responsive monitoring platform, teachers will be able to better meet student needs, and administrators will be better able to assist teachers.


Program Management

Akros is based right in the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa in Lusaka, Zambia. This proximity makes our program developments and management targeted and focused to the realities of work in the field. We provide data collection support and intervention management, as well as scoping and strategy support.


Land Tenure

People should have the right to live and work on the land that has been in their family for generations. But often in the developing world, there is no record of this land ownership other than an oral understanding. Learn more about how land tenure programs work with residents and traditional leaders to establish more economic stability.



Akros has developed and deployed mobile phone data collection applications that are being used all over Zambia, for applications such as community-level malaria monitoring and community-level sanitation monitoring. And it’s working, driving up the amount and accuracy of data being reported every day.


DHIS2 Training

We are constantly searching for the best ways to pass on knowledge to our local counterparts. We love using DHIS 2 and so we want others to learn how to use it as well. That’s why we offer courses in this great, open-source information system all over the world. Click the button below to visit our DHIS 2 training site and learn more.