Akros in Info. Systems

Akros leverages knowledge of local context and needs and strong partnerships with organizations that support software development and maintenance to deploy well-designed and supported systems for data collection and use.



Health Management Information Systems must do a few things really well. They must be good at data collection, transmission, aggregation, and analysis. Akros designs systems with these factors in mind as well as ensuring that they are usable on a large scale within the host country’s technical capacity.

RMNCH Scorecard

Data Use

Akros is actively assisting government line ministries and implementation partners to apply new and existing data to strengthen decision making. Our teams work in partnership with government officials to identify data needs and then work tirelessly to fill those information gaps through maps, dashboards, and other custom-designed and integrated feedback loops.


Program Management

Akros is based right in the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa in Lusaka, Zambia. This proximity makes our program developments and management targeted and focused to the realities of work in the field. We provide data collection support and intervention management, as well as scoping and strategy support.