Data Collection


To make good decisions, you need good information. Nowhere is this more true than in public health. If you want to rid a country of cholera, you need to know exactly who has the disease and where they are located. And since cholera is often caused by bad water, you must also find their water source.

If you can get precise information like this, chances are you can fix the disease. Send a team to source a clean water point, for example, and bring medication to those infected. If you can’t get good information, how can you fix the disease? It is extremely challenging, requiring hazardous guesswork in the worst cases.

How We Do It

Mobile phones greatly expedite the data collection process.

In order to drive population level impact, Akros supports national health programs by assisting or accelerating in data collection.

  • Akros designs innovative surveillance platforms to complement national HMIS programs (Step 3, WASH)
  • Akros designs and implements a broad range of cross-sectional surveys at the household and facility level
  • Akros provides exceptional technologies to accelerate data collection, transmission, aggregation and analysis of HMIS data (Step 1)
  • Akros uses mobile phone technology to collect data from even the most rural areas