Akros finishes installation of advanced molecular lab

Akros finishes installation of advanced molecular lab

By Akros Media on February 18, 2014 in Malaria, News

Akros has received the last major shipment of equipment for the newly installed molecular container lab at the Zambia National Malaria Control Centre (NMCC) through our collaborators at the Harvard School of Public Health. This lab will enable in-country technicians to perform a wide range of molecular investigations including genotypic analysis of malaria parasites and mosquito specimens, and it came at a fraction of the cost of traditionally constructed laboratories.

“For the first time, Zambia NMCC will have the resources and the throughput to perform genotypic analysis in-country,” said Dan Bridges, Director of Research for Akros. “This will expose Zambian scientists to new techniques, paradigms and enable the NMCC to remain at the forefront of understanding malaria.”

Efforts in this genomic laboratory will initially focus on supporting the analysis of P. falciparum parasites transmission through barcoding techniques, and further analysis of mosquito specimens collected in NMCC’s groundbreaking decentralized entomological surveillance program.

Lab features
The MACEPA-supported molecular laboratory in Lusaka, Zambia. Outside, an external roof canopy, concrete walkway and steps (A) have been constructed. Inside high quality laboratory benches, cupboards, sinks , skylights, wall-mounted air filters, and shelves are fitted (B). Data and electricity is supplied through ducting that is flush with the interior walls (C).