Secondary students tour NMCC

By Akros Media on April 23, 2014 in News

A group of almost 40 secondary school students from Lusaka International Community School (LCIS) recently received a tour of the National Malaria Control Center to learn about malaria and how the Zambian Ministry of Health and its partners are fighting the disease in their country.

“Raise your hand if you or someone you know has had malaria,” said Daniel Bridges, Akros Director of Research. Many hands around the room shot up, the students present all too familiar with the impact the disease can have on an individual. Pupils were then taken through an interactive presentation where they learned about how malaria is spread, how it can be prevented and how it is treated. A couple of the teachers even volunteered to be tested for the parasite (all negative thankfully) so that the students could all see the tests being used for real.