Over 1,100 bicycles distributed to CHWs

By Akros Media on February 20, 2014 in Malaria, News

Zambia continues to work toward the ambitious goal of eliminating malaria in five zones by 2015. To make this goal a reality, myriad partners are working together on every level from the molecular to the administrative to the on-the-ground Community Health Workers (CHWs). These CHWs are responsible for visiting houses of those who present with active malaria cases at the clinic level and then testing the neighbors in the immediate area through a program Akros helped pilot called Reactive Case Detection. Often the distance to these active cases is significant despite the large number of CHWs, and visiting every case on foot can be an overwhelming and at times unachievable task.

So last week, the Government Republic of Zambia in partnership with PATH-MACEPA, Akros and World Bicycle Relief distributed over 1,100 bicycles to community health workers across seven districts in Zambia’s southern province. The distribution ceremonies took place from February 10 – 14 and were attended by village chiefs and leaders, ministry officials and partner organizations. The ceremonies included dramas, dancing, and an official handover of each and every bicycle to the very excited CHWs.